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If you decide to spend your holidays in Sardinia, the main problem is how to reach this marvelous and wild land. There are two options: ship or plane. The first is very charming with a crossing that for those who love the sea, may be pleasant and enjoyable but it certainly takes a long time. For this reason the aircraft is almost always preferred. And if the chosen location is Alghero there is no doubt. In fact this beautiful town has a modern airport which receives a large traffic of domestic and international flights: It is the Alghero Airport "Riviera del Corallo" located in Fertilia, a flat area of the Nurra, north of Alghero. Once landed, however, it would be necessary to rent a car to make the most out of your stay, with easy and hassle free trips. Booking online with us may be the best solution to quickly get a car that awaits us on our arrival.

Visiting Alghero and the surroundings by car

Fertilia is only 15 minutes drive from Alghero, a city in the province of Sassari, where Catalan is still spoken: A sign of Spanish domination, as witnessed by the buildings in the center and by the name of the places, where the italian name stands beside the same in catalan. As already revealed by the name of the airport this area is rich in coral that here is harvested, transformed into jewelry and marketed. Its coasts are full of small coves and secluded bays, alternating with beaches and cliffs. The climate is warm and dry and is a paradise for those who love sports: swimming, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, horse riding. Worth a visit is Capo Caccia, a panoramic promontory about 25 km from Alghero where you can admire the great cliff in the shape of a sleeping giant and the caves of Neptune, reachable both by sea and by land through the Escabriol stairway, which means the stairway of the deer. The whole area is part of the Great Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte, instituted for the protection of the wildlife.

Exploring the province of Sassari with the rental car

Going to the north you can find the lake of Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia. A few miles from here you arrive to Stintino, with its famous La Pelosa beach, situated in front of the island of Asinara. Heading south, along the western coast of Sardinia, through a beautiful coastal road, where with a little attention it, you can see vultures flying, after about 50 km you arrive in the town of Bosa. Situated in the valley of the river Temo, is famous for its handcrafted baskets, embroidery and especially filet. It also has a nature park and a biomarine park for snorkelers. If you move towards the east from Alghero, you find Sassari. With its Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum Sanna, the city has also an interesting tower of the thirteenth century dedicated to St. Anthony. But the monument that characterizes the city is Fountain of the Rosello in the late Renaissance style.